Current Deposit Account

  1. We facilitate more flexibility to the customers by providing current deposit scheme. Current accounts at our Bank provide the convenience to the customers of safety & security of their deposits in addition to quick access to their funds. Current deposit, by nature is for those customers who prefer to transact with the banks more frequently. At our Bank, customers always enjoy services with a personalized touch. Our Bank is a 100% CBS enabled bank & customers can get the benefit of 'Any Branch Banking'. Current Account can be opened by proprietary Concerns, Partnership Firms, Public Ltd.Co. & Private Ltd.Co.

  2. An account can be opened in the name of one individuals, two or more individuals, jointly, or in the name of firms or Companies & Corporations

  3. Initial Deposit for opening Currrent Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account : Rs. 3000/-

  4. No Interest will be paid on the balance in Current Account.